Common Mistakes When Hiring Moving Service

moverWhen moving from one location to the other, great skills in terms of strategy, planning, budgeting and others are needed. Sometimes, you may overlook some things that may cause disaster. If you want to save yourself from being stressed, asking professional help is really advisable.

But do not be sure with the hired service; sometimes, you also need to be careful when hiring a company. Here are some of the common mistakes before hiring a moving company that you should bear in mind:

(1) Not getting an estimate

Like buying a car or a house, it is important that you should always ask for the estimate. Have the movers visit your apartment and let them list down the things that you are going to move, reported movers and packers Houston based company’s director.. Pick at least three providers and see which one offers a very competitive price.

(2) Not checking the insurance

Just in case your properties have been damaged during the transfer, the insurance will protect you. It is important to know this information or else you will regret.

(3) Spacing out on the non movables

Non movable items may include your jewelry, coins, cash and others. Most movers are not responsible for these types of losses. Make sure you pack them separately and transport them by yourself.

(4) Forgetting that you have a pet

When you transfer to another location, you cannot just leave your pet behind. Most movers may not have pet transfer service. If you want an all in one package, make sure to inquire ahead on how the company is going to transfer your pet dog.

(5) Special needs on plants

If you are about to transfer your well prized plants, make sure that the movers are expert on plants as well. The last thing that will make you furious is your plants arrived dead as twigs.

(6) Cleaning the house

If you have lots of old things inside the house, please make sure that you send them away through donations and etc. If your movers will discover about them, those things might add up on your moving expenses.

(7) Survival kit

If you will be moving to a far flung location, do not commit mistake by not packing your own personal things that you need to bring with you. You cannot survive without changing clothes for days.

(8) Reviewing the inventory

Before the movers will load everything inside the truck, you need to double check your inventory list. You cannot leave behind some important things.

(9) Moving unnecessary items

Before calling the movers, you need to get rid of the things that you will no longer need. To earn extra cash from them, conduct a garage sale.

(10) Always check the license

There are a number of movers out there, and one way to determine that the one you hired is authentic is through license. Read reviews of comments from previous users to know if the quality of service is good.

There’s more to wrapping your stuff inside the box. If you have too many things to move, like furniture and garden sculptures, you will need a professional help. The above mentioned common mistakes before hiring a moving company will help you decide which provider to pick.